Elena Dementieva: The Woman With the Label

Elena Dementieva: The Woman With the Label

Player Profiles 03 Mar 2010

Elena Dementieva has had to endure the label so many tennis players and golfers dread: the best player never to win a major. Spain’s Sergio Garcia is widely regarded as the male golfer who ought to have won a prestigious championship by now, but hasn’t. In men’s tennis, Andy Murray and Nikolay Davydenko are battling for that double-edged distinction, which carries with it both a compliment and a deficiency.

Martina Hingis – The Female Swiss Stylist

Martina Hingis - The Female Swiss Stylist

Player Profiles 12 Feb 2010

When you think of stylish Swiss tennis, you think of Roger Federer, but before the “Basel Dazzle” became the greatest Grand Slam champion in the Open Era, a Swiss Miss made her own mark on the world of Major tournament tennis. Martina Hingis is not yet 30 years old, and yet she’s in many ways […]

All Fizzle, No Sizzle: Frenchwomen continue to tumble out of Paris

French Open 2009 29 May 2009

American female tennis players have a way of winning on native soil. Australian and British girls don’t get many chances to wow the home crowd in Melbourne or suburban London. As for the females of France, the comforts of home just aren’t comfortable enough, and never seem to be sufficient on any day, in any time or […]