Simona Halep – A Dream in Progress

Simona Halep
By Hiland Doolittle, June 12th, 2009
Hot & Sexy Simona Halep

Hot & Sexy Simona Halep

Wherever 17-year-old Simona Halep goes, she becomes the center of attention. This has been happening for a long time. Simona Halep is the overly endowed reigning French Junior Champion who recently competed in the French Open and who is now preparing to compete at Wimbledon.

Simona, sometimes called Simone, Halep was born on September 27, 1991 in Constantza, Romania. Simona Halep has played tennis all her young life. In fact, Simona plays terrific tennis. She now plays with the big girls.

Currently, Simona is the 264th ranked women’s singles player in the world. Not bad, Simona. She has won $29,425 this year. Way to go, Simona. With a bit of seasoning, she will win more. She will also have advertisers throwing dollars at her.

Sexy Simona Halep

Sexy Simona Halep

Credentialed as the reigning French Junior Champion, Simona was entered in the qualifying tournament at Roland Garros. Her first round opponent was Michaelia Krajicek of the Netherlands. Misa may have been unprepared for the massive media coverage that follows Simona’s every move.

Tennis Player Simona Halep Big Tits

Tennis Player Simona Halep Big Tits

Way back on Court 14 at Roland Garros, qualifying matches do not usually garner much attention. Even though Misa was seeded 17th in the qualifier, she could not have expected the throng of media coverage, photojournalists or boisterous fans that surrounded the court. In some respects, the turnout was more like a football game.

Simona Halep Big Tits

Simona Halep Big Tits

Wherever Simona goes, people congregate. Simona Halep is the newest of many tennis goddesses. She is also a passionate tennis player, who plays to win and wants to pursue the tennis career that has dominated her young life.

Simona is sexy. She is busty. She is pretty. Simona is young, athletic and media savvy. Simona Halep has the world ahead of her.

At Roland Garros, Simona defeated the 17th seeded Misa in straight sets, 6-4, 7-5. She moved across the terre battue with grace and confidence. She ignored camera-touting voyeurs and displayed powerful groundstrokes and a dynamic two-handed backhand. Fans will have a hard time finding pictures of Simona’s strokes. Fans will have no trouble finding photos of Simone’s ample cleavage, bust or in other sexy poses.

Simona Halep Big Boobs

Simona Halep Big Boobs

Photographers, fans and curiosity seekers perpetually hound Simona. Fans unfairly compare the 17-year old to tennis washout Anna Kournikova. In reality, the two have little in common.

Simona wants to win singles tennis matches. She is on the tour to compete. The tour is her goal, not a means to another end. The young starlet is so serious about her game, that she has considered breast reduction. This tidy piece of personal business immediately circulated the Internet, tennis magazines and articles around the world. Not many 17-year olds are subjected to this kind of exposure.

After Simona won her first round qualifier, she was paired against an up-and-coming Russian star, Vitalia Diatchenko. Once again, the cameras were clicking. The crowd on Court 10 was overflowing with excitement.

Meanwhile, Simona and Vitalia tried to play their tennis match. Once the setting calmed, Simona went about her business. She romped through the first set 6-2 before succumbing 1-6, 3-6. Simona’s French Open was over. Her tennis career is not.

Here is hoping the fans at Wimbledon will be ready for Simona. Here’s hoping the tournament organizers find a way to protect the game’s newest sensation. Here’s hoping the Brits do the right thing and let Simona play tennis. It will not be easy!



  • Um, she’s ONLY 17. Does anyone else see all this focus on this young athelete’s breasts inappropriate?

  • Oh please, let her be the subject of a future Playboy pictorial!!

  • No! What are you talking about?

  • Not inappropriate but NATURAL ;)
    She is God gifted with natural big tits.

  • Whatever…
    She is already big hit and will remain popular as long as she doesn’t get them reduced, not to mention she has got talent too. I hope she will last longer than Anna Kurnikova..

  • Other than large breasts, Simona isn’t particularly attractive. On the other hand, Anna Kournikova is much better proportioned and absolutely gorgeous. In either case, athletic ability takes a distant second to the media hype of “beauty,” regardless of said ability. Sad but true.

  • Waiting to see her in action in the Wimbledon…
    She would look gorgeous in London’s summer and rain ;)

  • wow she’s not “sexy” at all. they only think she is because she has big boobs..and its kinda wrong too because she’s ONLY 17!!!!

  • Are those fake or what? She looks gross… she should have them reduced, they make her look fat

  • GODWHATARACK!!!!!!!!!!

  • Simona - is a Goddess and an athlete. Romanians have always had these kind of girls around - if you are an American guys - and visit Romania - you will be in awe of the girls there and the beautiful yet warm-hearted personalities they possess. These girls are not only gorgeous - but also intelligent- warm-hearted, funny, easy going, fun loving, outgoing etc etc..they are American girls/women nightmares…USA women should take a hard look at these girls and learn something…

  • Didn’t know that Romanian girls are so beautiful, sexy, intelligent and warm hearted.
    I’ve seen a lot of Romanian girls in London but didn’t find any Simona there ;)

    May be it is worthwhile to give Romania a visit

  • She is undoubtedly sexy, good looking and talented tennis player. Tennis world has been left to suffer without such beauties after Anna Kurnikova disappearance. Simona Halep has filled the gap and guess what she is going to be here for a while. So sit, relax and see her in the action and her big bouncing boobs.

  • What will hapen to her after size reduction??
    Keep guessing…

  • Apparantly its to late :(

    Anyone speak Romanien?

  • she issssssss dhooooom machela rang jamela yyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • woooww..jd pengen bisa main tenis

  • wow i like her she have a big tits

  • Mmmm.. great tits, I don’t care what age she have. I would love to suck those big tits :P

  • Damn, They were PERFECT, the stuff of my wildest dreams! I’d obviously wait until she turned 18 if she still had them. As a former tennis player, I understand and appreciate her decision to make her body as fit as possible to be able to compete, however, I am obviously sad she had those mind-blowingly awesome boobs reduced. 34DD’s, I miss ya!

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