Have you seen this? Possibly the greatest tennis shot ever made!

Novak Djokovic
By Ajay Singh, April 17th, 2009

The HEAD brand has a new modern positioning. Why, I hear you ask yourselves?

Well, to strengthen their position in the market place, HEAD felt the need to rejuvenate the brand by taking it in a fresh direction, and so a more emotional strategy was devised. To make them more distinctive from their competitors and to capture their customer’s hearts, they have shifted focus away from equipment technology by creating a brand story, and to express this new emotion they have a totally new brand slogan “The Power of You”.

In order to reach a modern, young, brand-savvy target audience a new communications strategy has been devised, focusing on new advertising channels including viral. The Djokovic viral film is the cornerstone of this new consumer-centric direction and HEAD.com hope it will up their cool credentials by getting young people talking about the brand.

In the film we see Novak Djokovic score on and off court. The slow motion action replay shows his finesse as a real player. Between shots he manages to flirt with a young lady in the crowd, charming her with everything from a 90’s boy band dance routine to nipple tassel twirling and even a Navy Seals balancing act! After all, being a male tennis player isn’t just about scoring points, it’s also about scoring with the ladies, watch carefully as Novak gives us a lesson in the art of seduction. It’s all in the game!


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